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Unbridled power and effortless style make immediate BMW enthusiasts out of just about everyone.


Note: Same disclaimers as Mini regarding "previous maintenance, visual inspection, etc" apply to all BMW quotes.  Also note that quotes do not apply to ///M vehicles (call for estimates on ///M cars).  Estimates apply to most BMWs beginning with the E34/E36/E32 chassis codes. 

* Please call for any vehicles made prior to those for an estimate.

3 Series and Z3/Z4
-Inspection 1
-Inspection 2

5 Series
-Inspection 1
-Inspection 2

6/7 Series
-Inspection 1
-Inspection 2

-Inspection 1
-Inspection 2

*Note on transmission services and "lifetime fluid".  We recommend servicing the transmission, at a minimum, every 60,000 miles in order to ensure longevity of the transmission's internal components.  Failure to follow this maintenance regiment can results in needed repairs/replacement of the transmission totalling $4k+ as early as 110,000 miles.

S54 valve adjustment
Brake fluid flush
Coolant flush

-Note: Neglecting to flush coolant per BMW's recommended 36 month interval may result in premature failure of or damage to the water pump and other cooling system components. Always use genuine BMW coolant only.

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Info on Inspection I

Info on Inspection II


Lone Star Bavarian is not associated with the BMW Corporation, including BMW North America, BMW Germany or any other subsidiary or division of BMW.


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